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Classification of TEA fortified with Vitamins - reg.

 Notice Date : 15 July 2010

 Classification of TEA fortified with Vitamins - reg.

CIRCULAR NO 931/21/2010-CX.

Dated: July 15, 2010


Sub.:- Classification of TEA fortified with Vitamins - reg.


A reference has been received by the Board regarding the classification of ‘Tea fortified with Vitamins'. The product comprises tea along with stabilizers and vitamins.


2. Preparation of tea and preparation with the basis of tea are classifiable under the chapter heading 210120. Preparation of tea as well as preparation with a basis of tea is a product containing tea as one of the major component and has other added ingredients to it. Flavoured tea contains tea along with at least one flavouring agent and is a preparation of tea, though not classifiable under this chapter by virtue of Chapter Note 1(c) to the chapter 21. However all other preparations of tea not specifically excluded by virtue of any Section/Chapter Note will get classified in this chapter only.


3. The issue has been examined, the samples of the product were perused and the commercial understanding of the product and the details of the product mentioned on the packing materials were taken note of. The tea fortified with vitamins as described in para 1 is nothing but a preparation of tea having added ingredients like stabilizers and vitamins in addition to tea. Since no Section/Chapter Note excludes this preparation from the purview of Chapter 21, it is clarified that such preparations of tea namely tea fortified with vitamins will be classified under Chapter 21.


4. Trade and Industry may be informed.


5. Receipt of this circular may be acknowledged


6. Hindi version would follow.


F. No. 9/1/2008-CX.1 (Pt)



Under Secretary (CX.1)




on 16 July 2010
Notification No : CIRCULAR NO 931/21/2010-CX
Published in Excise
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