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Returns to be submitted by NBFCs - Revised Formats

Posted on 23 September 2011,    
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DNBS(PD).CC. No.243/03.02.02/2011-12

September 22, 2011

All Non Banking Financial Companies (excluding RNBCs)

Dear Sir,

Returns to be submitted by NBFCs- Revised Formats

In terms of extant instructions, NBFCs are required to file various returns related to deposit acceptance, Prudential Norms, Capital Market exposure, etc. A few of these returns are as under:

  1. Returns to be submitted by deposit taking NBFCs
  1. NBS-1 Annual Returns on deposits in First Schedule.
  2. NBS-2 Half-yearly returns on Prudential Norms.
  3. NBS-3 Quarterly returns on Liquid Assets.
  4. NBS-6 Monthly returns on exposure to capital market by deposit taking NBFCs with total assets of ` 100 crore and above.
  1. Returns to be submitted by NBFCs-ND-SI
  1. NBS-7 An annual statement of capital funds, risk weighted assets, risk asset ratio etc., as at the end of March every year.
  2. Monthly Returns on Important Financial Parameters.
  1. Returns on important financial parameters of non-deposit taking NBFCs having asset size of ` 50 crore and above but less than ` 100 crore

Quarterly Returns concerning basic information like name of the company, address, NOF, profit/loss during the last three years.

2. It has been decided to rationalize the above mentioned returns to streamline the reporting system and to improve the present method of collecting data. Periodicity of submitting NBS 1 and NBS 2, which has been on annual and half yearly basis, respectively, has been made quarterly. NBS- 5 stands withdrawn as submission of NBS 1 has been made quarterly. Periodicity of submitting NBS 7 has been changed from annual to quarterly. Periodicity of submitting the remaining returns, namely, NBS 3, NBS 6, Monthly Return on Important Financial Parameters of NBFCs-ND-SI and Quarterly Return to be submitted by non-deposit taking NBFCs with asset size between ` 50 crore and ` 100 crore has not been changed. NBS-4 has also not been revised and the same format and periodicity continues. The Bank has since hosted the format of the Revised Returns viz., NBS 1, NBS 2, NBS 3, NBS 6, NBS 7 and the Monthly Return of NBFCs-ND-SI on the Bank's website, viz, NBFCs shall submit all the returns specified in Para above, online in the revised formats. The first such return in NBS 1, NBS 2 and NBS 7 may be submitted beginning from the quarter ended June 2011, NBS-3, for the quarter ending September 2011. The monthly returns viz, NBS-6 and monthly return of NBFCs-ND-SI may be submitted beginning from September 2011. NBFCs-D which have not submitted the NBS 1 for March 2011 (annual) may also submit the same in the revised format urgently.

3. Amending Notifications No. DNBS(PD) 230/CGM(US)2011 amending Non-Banking Financial Companies Acceptance of Public Deposits (Reserve Bank) Directions, 1998, No. DNBS(PD) 231/CGM(US)2011 amending Non-Banking Financial (Deposit Accepting or Holding) Companies Prudential Norms (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2007 and No. DNBS(PD)232/CGM(US)2011amending Reserve Bank of India (Non-banking Financial Companies) Returns Specifications,1997 are enclosed for meticulous compliance.

4. NBFCs may acknowledge receipt and confirm compliance to these instructions to the Regional Office under the jurisdiction of which they are registered.

Yours faithfully,

(Uma Subramaniam)


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