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Section Nature of Payment Threshold Limit for deduction tax Rate of TDS applicable for the period or Basic Cut off (Individual /Company and others New Rate %) Summary
Individual Company Other If No Pan or Invalid PAN (Rate)
192 Salary As per Slab [Please note that no Change in Slab Rates have been introduced for FY 2021-22] Slab Rates Slab Rates - 30 Option to choose between new and old tax slab regime for salaried employees
192-A Premature withdrawal from Employee Provident Fund (Payment of accumulated balance of provident fund which is taxable in the hands of an employee) Rs 50000.00 10 NA NA 20 TDS provisions u/s 192A will be applicable when withdrawal of accumulated balance in Recognized Providend Fund is to be included in the total income 10% in case of Resident and 10.40% in case of Non- Resident
193 Interest on securities Rs 2500.00 10 10 - 20 Threshold limit for interest paid on debentures is Rs. 5,000. Threshold limit for interest on 7.75% GOI Savings (Taxable) Bonds 2018 is Rs. 10,000.
194 Dividend other than the dividend as referred to in Section 115-O Rs. 5000.00 10 10 - 20 This amendment proposes to amend second proviso to section 194 of the Act to further provide that the provisions of section 194 i.e. TDS on dividend shall also not apply to dividend income credited or paid to a business trust by a special purpose vehicle or payment of dividend to any other person as may be notified. This means that no TDS needs to be deducted to AIF Category III also.
194-A Interest other than interest on securities – Banks Time deposits, Recurring deposit and Deposit in Co-op Banks · Senior Citizen Rs. 50000.00 · Others Rs. 40000.00 10 - - 20  
194-B Income by way of winnings from lotteries, crossword puzzles, card games and other games of any sort Rs. 10000.00 30 30   30 · 30% in case of Resident Indians and Domestic Companies · 31.2% in case of Non Resident and Foreign Companies

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