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Guidance Note for Importers and Exporters on GST

Posted on 30 June 2017,    
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Indian Customs gears up for GST roll-out
Guidance Note for Importers and Exporters

I. Introduction:

The purpose of this guidance note is to bring clarity about the impact of GST,which would come into force with effect from 01.07.2017, for importers and exporters.

On the imports side there would be no impact on levy of Basic Customs duty, Education Cess, Anti-dumping duty, Safeguard duty and the like. However, the Additional duties of Customs, which are in common parlance referred to as Countervailing Duty (CVD) and Special Additional duty of Customs (SAD), would be replaced with the levy of Integrated Goods and Services Tax(IGST), barring a few exceptions. On the exports side, export would be treated as zero-rated supply. Under zero-rated supply IGST paid on export goods or the input tax credit proportionate to the goods and services consumed in goods exported under bond /LUT would be refunded.

A brief summary of the changes that would impact importers and exporters upon roll out of GST are encapsulated below:

Imports under GST
II. Duties at the time of import:

In the GST regime, IGST and GST Compensation cess will be levied on imports by virtue of subsections (7) &(9) of Section 3 of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975. Barring a few commodities such as pan masala, certain petroleum products which attracts levy of CVD, majority of imports would attract levy of IGST. Further, a few products such as aerated waters, tobacco products, motor vehicles etc, would also attract levy of GST Compensation Cess, over and above IGST. IGST and GST Compensation cess, wherever applicable, would be levied on cargo that would arrive on or after 1st July, 2017. It may also be noted that IGST would also be levied on cargo which has arrived prior to 1st July but a bill of entry is filed on or after 1st July 2017. Similarly, ex-bond bill of entry filed on or after 1st July 2017 would attract IGSTand GST Compensation cess, as applicable.In the case where cargo arrival is after 1st July and an advance bill of entry was filed before 1st July along with the payment of duty, the bill of entry may be recalled and reassessed by the proper officer for levy of IGST and GST compensation Cess, as applicable.

III. Duty Calculation:

IGST rate: IGST rates have been notified through notification 01/2017-Integrated Tax (Rate), dated 28-06-2017. IGST rate on any product can be ascertained by selecting the correct Sl. No. as per description of goods andtariff headings in the relevant schedules of the notification. Importers  are advised to familiarize themselves with IGST and GST compensation cess rates, schedule and exemptions which are available on CBEC website. The Customs duty calculator would be made available on CBEC and ICEGATE website.There are seven rates prescribed for IGST- Nil, 0.25%, 3% 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. The actual rate applicable to an item would depend on its classification and would be specified in Schedules notified under section 5 of the IGST Act, 2017. The rates applicable to goods of Chapter 98 are as under:

• 9801- Project Imports- 18%
• 9802- Laboratory Chemicals- 18%
• 9803- Passenger baggage – Nil Rate
• 9804- Specified Drugs and medicines for personal use- 5%
• 9804- Other drugs and medicines for personal use- 12%
• 9804- All other dutiable goods for personal use- 28%

Likewise, different rates of tax have been notified for goods attracting Compensation Cess which is leviable on 55 item descriptions (of supply). These rates are mostly ad valorem. But some also attract either specific rates (e.g. coal) or mixed rates (ad valorem + specific) as for cigarettes. The coverage of the goods under GST compensation cess is available on CBEC website along with their HSN codes and applicable cess rates.The IGST Rates of Goods, Chapter wise IGST rate, GST Compensation Cess rates, IGST Exemption/Concession are available on CBEC website for trade and departmental officers as well.

PFA the file to know more in details

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