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Fostering leadership

Posted on 26 May 2021,    
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Sub Heading : Monica Doshi, managing director of Leadership Management India, a part of LMI - USA, one of the world’s largest professional development companies, tells Yogesh Saigal leadership is the ability to crystallise thinking so that one is able to establish a focussed goal for oneself and the team.

Author : Yogesh Saigal/DNA

Content :
I always wanted to be a businesswoman and to start and own a business.
Academic credentials
A post-graduate in commerce specialising in financial management studies from NMIMS. A certified trainer in e-Customer Relationship Management from Algonquin College of Canada, which is known for its soft skills programmes in North America. I am also a certified master trainer for AT&T College conducting Training programmes for team leaders, supervisors and managers.
About LMI
Its performance improvement programmes are being delivered in 70 countries and in 23 different languages for the last 40 years. More than 1,00,000 client companies and 2 million participants have benefited from LMI programmes around the globe.
Defining leadership
Leadership is the ability to crystallise your thinking so that you are able to establish a focussed goal for yourself and your team, commit to moving in that direction and then take determined action to acquire, accomplish and achieve that goal with your team. Leadership is an attitude which is manifested in your behaviour both personally and professionally.
Keys for success
One must be committed and should have focussed goals. A certain degree of risk-taking ability, creativity and management skills are must haves.
Commitment to excellence
It requires intensive focus, hard work and passion in whatever you do. Duty may make you do things well but only passion can make you excel.
Work ethics
To bring an honest and sincere approach to work, in the interaction with your team members and even more so with customers. It forms the foundation of all relationships-both internal and external.
For the starters
Try and focus on the exposure, quality of work and learning on the job rather than the compensation. Gain experience and competence and the benefits will follow automatically.
Is there a talent crunch?
Yes there is. Our educational system still does not focus on practical and vocational skills necessary to excel in an industry operating in these dynamic and competitive times.
Advice for bosses
Take time to coach and train your internal talent pool and spend maximum time on the development of human resources.
Positives of teamwork
Teamwork leads to better segregation of tasks, sharing of responsibility along with individual accountability, skills development, and a shared workload with timely delivery.
Favourite line
If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got …
Biggest strength
Persistence and a “Can do attitude”
Work-life balance
Is a must for success in any field. One needs to create time for everything that is important in life. Time is the only asset that cannot be rolled back or multiplied and if not invested well, it can never be earned back.
My take
It cannot be easy to practice what you preach, but Monica seems to pull it off with élan. Encouraging, motivating and preparing the leaders of tomorrow is what she has set out to do and if anything, it seems to be the need of the hour in any case.
Yogesh Saigal leads the business development function for ABC Consultants, India's premier recruitment and executive search firm



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