Work Work Work.

krishna chaitanya (student) (361 Points)

15 December 2010  

 WORK                    WORK                    WORK


God created man to work.

Work is the man’s greatest duty.


Man can do everything.

Achieve anything; fulfill all his desires by working.

Work is the most dependable function.


If you are poor – WORK.

If you are rich - WORK.

If failure discourages you - WORK.

If success encourages you - WORK.


You have been burdened with unfair responsibilities - WORK.

You have been entrusted with deserving responsibilities - WORK.

You have not been paid fairly - WORK.

You have been paid handsomely - WORK.


When dreams are shattered - WORK.

When faith falters - WORK.

When future appears blank - WORK.

When hope seems dead - WORK.



WORK is the man’s greatest stress – buster.

WORK is the mightiest morale – booster.

WORK is the best boredom – beater.

WORK is equally disease – fighter.                                                 


If you neglect your WORK,

You invite worry, fear, doubt, and debt.

WORK is the greatest solution for all problems.


So WORK, WORK, WORK, and WORK sincerely.


                                                                                         Source : One greeting card.