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Within 30 days I learned the definition of Articleship!

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Ankit (Student) (661 Points)
Replied 06 May 2014

on himanshu case.. If there is any such situation guys then you should immediately logged a complaint with institute.. Institute helps us.. My friends complaint against there CA's n institute help them in getting transfer.. So whenever thr is any such situation.. Stand against it frm the starting instead of taking it.. We are Articles nt labours.. N be strong..

Priya (student) (193 Points)
Replied 13 May 2014

@ Himanshu

Chartered Accountancy course is a great field. It turns the best, if capable and confident candidates like you pursue this course. Do not let the obstacles of a rough articleship experience, knock you down. Revere the profession, and the same shall be delivered to you, sooner or later :)

About the rumour that C.A.s are insecure about the talent of their articles, is somewhat true. They do get bogged down at times, if the article performs extraordinarily well.. However, I believe that there surely are a handful of genuine C.A.s too, who believe in nurturing the talent of thir articles.

Coming to the issue that your C.A. has been undergoin mental trauma, owing to his family circumstances, then, one can understand his situation of being rude to you. But such a thing may be excused once or twice only. Not all the time, a person may be given the liberty of harsh behaviour simply coz we all, at some point of time, are undergoing stress in our lives.



Priya (student) (193 Points)
Replied 13 May 2014

@ Ankit

CA Priyanka.. Titled ''life changing experinces''..
Lols, no plans for  this as of now. Surely your encouragement, might change my mind :p
"VG sir generally says.. To much analysis leads to paralysis.."
That was ironical! If you do not let me retrospect the 3 years golden period of articleship, I'll end up writing a fake comic story then :D

venkatesh (articles) (103 Points)
Replied 18 May 2014

My Dear fellow CA students who are still doing their articles training.

Learning workis never solely dependant on office or principal.If a student has the desire to learn the work, the sky is limit. so many web sites, so many magazines, so many books. On the other hand a student who doesnt have that zeel will not learn even if he is in top firm. 

Make every day of your training usefull. Try to learn what ever you can. you cant control how your boss, clients or colleagues behave, but, surely can of yours.

Priya (student) (193 Points)
Replied 14 June 2014

@ Venkatesh


Ankit (Student) (661 Points)
Replied 20 June 2014

you should think abt writing priya.. Waise bhi u need only two things fr writing i.e. Matter n English.. Ur english is superb n in the span of 3 years i m sure thr will be a lot of matter.. So think abt it..

Ankit (Student) (661 Points)
Replied 20 June 2014

fake comic story.. It's also not a bad idea.. U can draft u n ur boss in a comic story like tom n jerry.. Like tom.. Our boss who is everytime behind us..

Ankit (Student) (661 Points)
Replied 20 June 2014

ab to kaam ka season start ho gaya.. So u must be enjoying in office..

Priya (student) (193 Points)
Replied 22 June 2014

@ Ankit

Thank you so much sir for alot of encouragement. But I guess, writing a book is an art in itself and to develop a skill to actually reach the heart of a reader, is a big task!!

Hopin a day comes when I'll acknowledge you for my book, if any :p

Saurabh Anokhchand Jain (Chartered Accountant) (1043 Points)
Replied 23 June 2014

“Choose your Office(CA-Firm) the way you choose your life partner; after all, you spend more time in the Office(CA-Firm) than with your life partner” 

Priya (student) (193 Points)
Replied 23 June 2014

@ CA Saurabh Jain

Such a witty truth!! yes

CA Vikas Agrawal (Practice) (363 Points)
Replied 25 June 2014


CA students..

kabhi CA final ka result 25% toh kabhi 3%....

ICAI education system needs to improve..

when u talk about articleship than why 20-25 marks is not reserved for practical..

the people from small cities and small firms suffer the most.

ICAI officials should do surprise visits of CA offices and check quality of training imparted.

time has come for change and reforms in CA education system.

and this can happen only with members support and students protest


vikas agrawal

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Priya (student) (193 Points)
Replied 28 June 2014

@ CA Vikas Aggarwal

Sir, your indeed sounds so goods and if it is practically implied, alot shall improve in the quality of articleship, that a student undergoes. Monitoring the big chunk period of three years would definitely be an achievement in itself. However, the institute shall have to incur additional costs for bringing this to reality. Althemore, the students might not be very happy with this idea, since the dummy concept remains active in full throtle in the society, even today.



This idea is revolutionary and can actually bring about qualitative professionals into the society. But at the same time, the final examinations of the ICAI must be taken at an earlier stage, implying that the students must have a peace of mind of having cleared their final examination. This may, in a way, encourage the students further for a better sense of seriousness towards articleship.

venkatesh (articles) (103 Points)
Replied 29 June 2014

@ Saurabh

We all know, most of the times, choise of life partner turns out to be a faulty one in most of the cases. Unfortunately by the time, the error of judgement is realised, its too late. The gutsy ones opt for divorce and rest wear the mask of happiness and spend their rest of lifes haplessly.There are exceptions, but they are just exceptions.

I guess the same holds true in article ship training. 

venkatesh (articles) (103 Points)
Replied 29 June 2014

@ Vikas:

I dont agree with the suggestion of giving weightage to practical traiining.

No two CA firms have similar working conditions, clients or work culture.

you can't valuate examinees by giving different question papers to each one of them. Can we?


I also dont agree with the suggestion that surprise visits can gauge the quality of training. Quality is an intangible entity and it cant be measured by some surprise visits.

At most such inspections can watch working conditions.

come on yaar !!! we are dealing with a chartered accountant who is trained to successfully identify loopholes in an enactment. so any matter of amendments is of no use.


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