Why we fail again and again...

Y do we fail again n again ….
Failure is itself a wrd which cant b accepted,,nt even hardly.n d wrd again n again shows its miserablity.whn a person fails somewhere ,.like learning cycle,cooking,biking etc ..failure doesn’t bother too much.bt failure wrd in exam matters a lot ..bcz a whole time effort of around 1 yr lost in a moment.
Failure even its expected or unexpected…the person feels like his whole wrd had been lost,has come 2 an end . even though the pain is unmeasurable bt still y it happen so again n again ….
Lets take an example ..an average student who read almost everydaybt still fails, he make a try again n make its efforts double this time ….bt still he fails ..now he thoughts he should give one grp or both ?? how to study both ? can he do it ? what could b d reason ??
*    Confidence --- this is the first thing tht brk out firstly. When a person fails his confidence turned into half n again n again failure make it more worse.
The person start suspecting his own ability now .now he feels like “he can do anything” .
*    Dreams--- for this read article how to study . plz find the attachment. How dream affect CA.may b u can resemble ur story with it.
*    Study material---sometime d books we read we don’t understand them properly.we cant make a summary in our mind of what we hav read.n bcz of lack of time we afraid 2 change d book also. Bcz a new book means new beginning.The result of half understanding….
*    Personal issues---arguments with boss, at home make mind full of these thoughts.which create a hinderance in peace of mind n cool study .
*    Time factor—its really a big thing4 failure.time is short bt the course is so lengthy.so nothing can b done properly.trying to focus on everything makes everything slipped frm our hands.
*    Repetition—when a person fails he has to study whatever he has read earlier.which make study boring n lethargic.
*     Past experience---troubles a lot.like “I hav learned it by heart ,but I couldn’t attempt this question in my exam ..sh*t yr I feel so bad” this kinda feeling came when a person study n then he got distracted.
*    Before exam ---even though reading so much n countless efforts, when the person came2 exam hall his whole courage get vanished like “A/c was tough 4 me earlier also..its the same case again . I havnt done it …if this q come ??my last time marks were jst 32 …wht wil happen ? how wil I attempt that ?
*    Exam hall--- oops!!! Ur fear become true..now the same q comes which u didn’t done .it comes on the first page of ur q paper. Ur energy 2 giv exam become too low..bt still u sit n giv exam bt tht q still comes in ur mind while answering other q ans ..how wil I attempt my 1st q …n so on .
Ur attention which u could giv on other answers got reduced.ur whole fear led u to the grave of failure.
Points to tackle___||||||
Positive mind---- don’t focus on getting 60 marks bcz after time u wil think how wil I get 60 marks ..bt think like I hav got 32 marks I need to get 8 marks more only.i can do it. It wil help in boosting ur confidence level.
Study goal – make small goals in ur study . like I would finish this by this month..if u hav done only 90% of ur goal in tht sub n time is finished …then flip2 another subject.nt on finishing 10% bcz other sub is as well imp.
Selfcentered—bcz my frnd has done this book..i hav jst done this lesson . stop comparing .it wil jst reduce ur power to take a step.
Repetition—“I m perfect in this I had done this q gud earlier also.i don’t need 2 giv too much imp upon it ” stay away frm this feeling.bcz u might make mistake in ur fav topics u tend 2 forget focus.
Person2 share ---- if u hav ur gf /bf don’t think them as trouble..like I cant share.. share ur views..wht should I do? He /she wil help u a lot in ur gaining confidence.they knw u by ur heart .they can u give u idea. N if ur gf/bf is also doing the same attempt …to isse badiya kya baat hai . Take advice frm elders…they can giv u tips.
Stop fear---it’s a most imp aspect.dont fear n follow ur whole mind ideas with convinction . like my style is learning frm notes ..bt I don’t hav time ,..now wht >> make notes if ur time allows so ..otherwise make pencil marks on books to help u.
Get walking ,..try to b on ur track as much as possible ,… conclusion can b only…
An ant can cross thousand acres bt a person nt walking cant even move a step.
These r jst suggestion u can add many more points as per ur own circumstances.
Regards ..