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Why just girls

*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )     31 October 2014

✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩  
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Hardly a week left for real cold blooded preparation. Everyone is burning midnight oil. There are no second thoughts left for anything else .the clock is ticking and every seconds reminds of success. Some might be dreaming and visualizing themselves as half Ca or CA.


But some might be facing a dark story too. And I'm here to talk about that  only right now. What to do when even your closed one don't understand you. They don't even hesitate discussing marriage and searching an alliance for a girl during her exams Why they just live in their 80s. 


I felt numb, my heart sank when I heard a bright girl ,who had excellent track record in her studies, saying she is quitting CA. I got speechless after listening those words. I can feel her heart fell into stomach while saying those words.tears were shredding from her eyes. I was unable to grasp that she is saying all this but the one and only reason she can say was "she is just a girl" 



I mean what the hell .... In which society we live ... 

A girl got raped because she was not dressed properly.

She can't go outstation audits because anything can happen to her as she is  a girl 

She can't do late night parties as it won't go with the image of a decent girl

She needs to get married and should settled early in her life at the sake of her career because she might not get a good boy if her age crossed a certain point. 


I can understand that every parents want their children to get settled in their life. But the thinking that a girl has done their graduation and her marriage is a must do in a list. She might get a second chance for her dream in her second home. I agree many girls have this beautiful chance ...... But what if , she didn't got any ? 


Even if the girl leaves her home after marriage ... her soul, her values always remains attached with her parents. What if they can't understand this pain .....that if you( parents , being the caretaker to everything,) her own world can't understand her aspirations, then how she is supposed to think that new famlilies' people will listen. 


May be she hold herself up , keep her spirits high in front of others. But ultimately you are leaving her helpless by not understanding her , by braking her trust that you'd always be there with her in hard times. 



You are breaking her from inside, a broken heart which is beyond the repair.....



Alas! I know I can't change that girl's future.... The one and only advice I could give to her is don't give up and loose your hope even you have to fight against your parents for their rigid thinking. 


I know you might be thinking that this lecture was not really deserving or we don't think like this .... But still this article is dedicated to everyone out there will be also a parent some day where you will be in same situation or you might be the victim of above example or may be you could be the one who can console such persons who are having such kinda thinking that ... 


                              "A girl is never a burden "





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Dixit (CA Final)     31 October 2014

CA Final 
 171 likes  2405 points

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Very nice post...


CA Ragini (CA)     31 October 2014

CA Ragini
 30 likes  405 points

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seriously.....why do only girls have to suffer in each and every way......its so sad to hear that a girl who is working so hard to fulfil her dream has no right to decide her future means that the effort we make to fulfil our dream are just useless and have no value.......and after reading your message and recollecting my personal experiences i can say that trusting people is the worst thing.....becoz its too hard to believe that people you care the most...dnt care about your feelings, happiness at all.

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Aarushi (CA)     31 October 2014

 1 likes  47 points

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U r absolutely right

sai snigdha (student)     31 October 2014

sai snigdha
 21 points

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It's very helpful message to everyone


Ms.Arpita Pandya (Salaried)     31 October 2014

Ms.Arpita Pandya
 46 points

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So Great thinking really


Ca Lakshay chhabra (Student CA Final )     31 October 2014

Ca Lakshay chhabra
Student CA Final  
 2 likes  43 points

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excellent...girls should be given some freedom like boys have

Akhil (A)     31 October 2014

 38 points

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True... Very true... !

Preeti gupta (CA Practice )     31 October 2014

Preeti gupta
CA Practice  
 6 likes  87 points

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Very Nice. Representing what the situation of Girls in this ugly minded society.


krishna Patel (M.COM. CA FINAL CS Professional(Final))     31 October 2014

krishna Patel
M.COM. CA FINAL CS Professional(Final) 
 59 likes  420 points

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Totally agreed and admit it...y girls all d time.. but v have guts to fight in every situation.. so v never loose hope .

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