Which ITR applies when?

Narayan (Article-Assistant) (124 Points)

11 July 2011  

Form          Applies


ITR 1 -       1) For Individuals having Income from Salary / Pension /    Plus


                   2) Income from One House Property (excluding loss brought forward from previous years) /

                   3)   Income from Other Sources (
Excluding Winning from Lottery and Income from Race Horses)]

                       No income from B or P / IFCG


ITR 2 -     For Individuals and HUFs not having Income from Business or Profession

               ITR 2 applies to those who have IFCG plus IFS plus IFOS plus IFHP

ITR 3-     False False Pict For Individuals/HUFs being partners in firms and not carrying out business
                or profession under any proprietorship

1)      IFS plus 2) IFHP 3) IFBP 4)IFCG 5) IFOS

ITR 4 -  For indls and HUFs having income from a proprietary business or profession

1)       IFS plus 2) IFHP 3) IFBP 4)IFCG 5) IFOS


1)       IFS plus 2) IFHP 3) IFBP 4) IFOS         (No CG)



ITR 5-  For firms, AOPs and BOIs


ITR 6- For Companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11

·        Which Form applicable when? Highlighted ones indicate what should a student or CA always remember.(It’s the tips to memorise them easily)


·        I have following questions –

·        For which companies ITR 6 DOES NOT APPLY?

·        Which form do they have to file in?

·        Is it that a CA working as a partner in big4 and not having a sole proprietor  firm registered with his name needs to file ITR 3? If a CA , has a firm of his own  and also works as partner in some other CA firm which form will he file? A CA having his own firm will file ITR4 right?

·        Don’t the people who opt for presumptive income have IFCG ? then how will they report it ?

·        A normal man having main income as IFS, WHO INVESTS IN PROPERTIES AND HAS IFHP needs to always file ITR2?