Which book is best for SFM

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24 March 2010  







Dear Friends,






I am studying the book of  S.D.Bala & Pattabhiram(Snow white publications) for SFM and also use one book of Rajesh Makkar to solve the problems.(easily available in Book shops)





I find problems in chapters like Mergers and Acquisitions , Dividend Policy, Capital Budgeting like i have completed whole illustrations and problems in snowwhite book but some questions of Rajesh Makkar books are not there which i may feel important for exams. I feel that this book of S.D.Bala & Pattabhiram is not sufficient for covering all syllabus and in Rajesh Makkar handbook only questions along with some short theory points is given.  





Can anybody guide me perfect book covering  all topics. As i don't go for any coaching i also don't want to take any chance. Also guide me any good compiler for SFM. (covering last 10-20 years papers )





Please guide