Water discus hotel

CA Bhargav Nathwani (CA in Practice) (8307 Points)

30 January 2013  

Water Discus Hotel

The destination for all things luxurious and the land of architectural marvels, Dubai has announced its plans to construct Water Discus Hotel- a lavish, one of a kind facility which will have a structure that is partly above the water and the rest underneath.  This hotel is the result of a deal between Dubai shipbuilder Drydocks World and Swiss-based BIG InvestConsult, on behalf of partner Deep Ocean Technology (DOT).  


water discus hotel collage

This underwater hotel will consist of two discs-an underwater one and an above-water one. In this way, visitors can have the best of both worlds-enjoy the depths of the ocean while basking in the glorious warm weather. The size of each disc has been designed taking into consideration the local conditions.  

from the outside


from the outside 2

next to the beach

To ensure safety at all times, the structure rests on three sturdy legs fixed to the seabed. The upper disc is suspended above the surface of the water and the two discs are connected by these three solid legs and a vertical shaft.  Such a design ensures that Water Discus will remain safe even in the most adverse weather conditions, such as a fairly high tsunami. Moreover, the vertical shaft also contains a lift and a stairway.

water discus hotel


the staircase

The structure itself is set amidst a sensational and animated coral reef.  Guests can experience the colorful underwater world from their hotel rooms. The underwater sea, which is located up to 10 meters below the sea surface, has 21 hotel rooms adjacent to the underwater dive centre and a bar.  Each room gives a feeling of truly being underwater as the rooms are built in a way that provides safe and direct contact with the local flora and fauna.  The rooms have floor to ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of life under the sea.

underwater bedroom

underwater bedroom 2

It doesn’t end here. There’s also a restaurant, a spa and a special recreation area in the disc and its neighboring satellites which are situated 2-7 meters above the surface of the water. The centre of the disc includes a gigantic swimming pool with a multifunctional lobby built inside it.


dining area

The area surrounding the underwater part of the complex, including the diving activities can be seen live on the screens hanging on the lobby walls. This part of the complex is connected to the satellites with glass-walled tunnels cutting through a training pool for divers.

Unfortunately, the exact location and date of initiation of construction are still not known. Guess we’ll have to wait a while before paying a visit to this fabulous hotel.