Vat/cst applicability

Sumit (Business Owner) (42 Points)

01 March 2016  

Hi CAClubIndia community,

I am a business owner and have started my Ecommerce business. I am designing my own website and want to know details on the rate of CST applicable when selling outside Delhi, I have TIN/CST registered from Delhi.

As I know, CST is applicable when I sell goods to anyone outside Delhi. Now, I have doubt on what will be the CST rate applicable. Am I liable to pay CST rate applicable for a specific product based on the state where I am selling or the CST rate applicable from where I am selling.

Taking an example, I (Delhi registered) sold a consumer product to someone in Mumbai. What will be the rate of CST applicable? CST rate of Delhi or CST rate of Mumbai (Maharashtra)?

If it is as per the rate applicable in the state where I am selling then where can I find the applicable rates for each state?

I am more of a technical person and don't understand all the terms like schedules related to taxations and accounting. Kindly respond in a simplified language.