Value and condition of a fresh ca

Akshay Malpani (CA - Partner MRO& Associates)   (120 Points)

15 August 2012  
I am a newly qualified Chartered Accountant who cleared all the levels of chartered accountancy in the very first attempt. I am proud to be a Chartered Accountant and I adore my institute very much BUT I would like to bring to your notice some of the astonishing facts which are prevalent in the minds of many of the fresher CAs. When I chose my career the only thing in my mind was to be a unique personality which will be respected in the every corner of the society and after considering numerous options available before me I chose to be a CA!!! I used to see many of my seniors who after becoming CA either got placed in some of the multinationals or starting their own practice and that was again the source of inspiration for a beginner like me. I was so much enthralled by this noble career that I devoted myself to be a part of it. But today when I have actually become a part of it I am experiencing altogether different scenario. When a fresh chartered accountant wants to pursue his career in one of the Big 4 he needs a strong reference without which his entry to the corporate world is just next to impossible. Many fresher CAs still want to start their own practice and for that, initially to get good level of exposure, they prefer to work with some of the big or mid-sized chartered accountant firms, entry to which is obviously restricted to those who have a strong reference. Many deserving candidates dont get the desired opportunity. Even candidates who prefer to go for jobs in industry are also experiencing a severe difficulty in getting the job with the desired profile with a decent package. Campus placement programs are as good as nothing because corporate companies are not willing to hire any fresh CA through these programs. I am well aware of the fact that there is always a ray of hope and so just trying to throw some light upon the current situation of the Chartered Accountants and expecting a positive and vibrant response from the veterans of our Institute which will restore repute of the Institute to build some confidence among the newly qualified chartered accountants like me. It is pertinent to note that many people still dream to be a successful chartered accountant and for that reason these facts would be worth to be considered.