Urgent...form 112...application to council for condonation of delay

Manisha (CA & CS) (161 Points)

27 May 2011  

Dear all,

I have completed my CA as well as CS. On applying for membership as a CA, I received a query relating to not getting permission for CS course under regulation 65. 

I had already filed it, but m not able to find the letter of permission since i live out of town...

So I need to re-send the form 112, with a letter applying council to condone the delay in filing form 112.

Plz someone help.

Plz someone urgently provide me with a format of application for condonation of delay in case of breach of regulation no.65 & 78 (for non-submission of form 112).

If there is any other way please suggest..


Plz help..


Thanx in advance