Unpaid Rent and GST application

Arindam Das (AUDIT ASSITANT) (27 Points)

05 March 2024  

Court Order to the Tenant to Pay the Rent Dues for 10 months to the Owner of Rs.20 lacs. But in the Court Order nothing mentioned relating GST on such Rent. Tenant Paid a adhoc amount to the owner Rs.13.50 lacs.

Until the Order pass by the Court, Owner did not recognize the rent as income and did not pay any GST on such rent as the case was pending before Court.

In Rent Agreement it is clearly written that monthly Rent is Rs. 2 lacs + GST 18% ( Rs 2.36 lacs - for 10month is Rs. 23.60 lacs)

what should owner do.

i) considered it as Rs.13.5 lacs inclusive of GST?  and what would be the Accounting treatment.