Unjustified charge of interest and harrassment by income tax department

Hi All,

I am going through different TDS intimations received by our clients where the TDS CPC is charging additional interest and showing short deductions and not considering the interest already paid by the assesseess...


Now a days TDS CPC is sending so many notices and demands without checking the validity of the demands or notices and wasting so much precious time of people.....


Is it sending a wrong message into the public about the TDSCPC that whatever sent by TDS CPC is wrong that will change automatically after sometime.

This making the assesseess frighten about the TDS filing and some may even stop their filing TDS returns to get away from this harrassement.

There is one call centre provided by CPC where you have to wait for hours to get through and they never gave a proper reply, even if you send any mails to them they are responding with some automated replies..

Please answer is IT department is justified by issuing notices without checking the validity of the notices...?

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Hello, I m facing same problem.. even if my clients paid interest in original returns they did not consider the interest paid earlier. did you find any solution for this ??

e.tds return filer

may be the Dept. knows that the professionals CAN-NOT ? them in their offices...

like MPs / MLA's  CAN-NOT ? their party Chiefs for the reasons known to ALL.


Till now there was no response from them and all the notices are keep on changing...



Please understand that TRACES is a new platform and of course, there are certain issues which are bothering the Assessees, but trust, TRACES are working on the same very soon we will see the results.

I personally visited the CPC office few times and tell them the issues which we are facing now a days. To my surprise, they have shown me that all such issues are already acknowledged by them and they are working on those lines.obviously, it will take some time. All unjustified demand automatically eroded once these issues are rsolved at CPC.

regarding Interest part, Whether you have filed revise return and shown all the interest paid in that revise return.if it is shown then it will not come again.



e.tds return filer

Mr. Vikas Bhatnagar, CA,CS 

I am very much 'surprised' to hear from a person with such professional qualifications.

To me they are not mature enough to handle this job.

The reason is simple.  Whenever I ask any simple ? like status of a particular statement (when 4 corr. files are processed 1 is pending for the past 6 (six) months.  They asked me to send scanned copy of the original return Token No. Then I verified again and again whether I have given wrong No. 

Like this whether relevant OR Not they are asking copy of the original Token No. (this I mentioned good No. of times in these columns)

At present when I try to download a consolidated file for the year 2012-13 for filing corr. file 2 nad time I am getting an error message saying that the file is not available.  How is this file not available.  Why do they want original token no.   

An employee of the deductor got notice from the Dept.  That employee has gone to Ombudsman.  In the site the statement is not available. When I sent e-mail they ask for originaltoken No. 

For every mistake - not the deductor and traces other parties are also involved. 

If that other party goes mad !!!angryconsequences.

Like this there are so many instances. 

I am very much convinced that these people are unfit to be given any job which demands decision taking power.  THEY ARE FIT TO BE FOLLOWERS (WORLD BANK.....!!!!)

the call center takes all information (sometimes irrelevant-I dare to say as I HAVE BEEN FILING from the year 2009-10 ....lastly advise me to send e-mail)

Here is an example I sent an e-mail asking them how to download bulk PAN file. for this the reply I got is:

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Thank you for contacting us, it is our pleasure to assist you.

This is to inform you that the issue related to your query has been taken care of. For further assistance, Please contact us at below mentioned Toll Free Number :

1800 1030 344


Is there any relevance .  Does this sort of replies give any hope that this will come to normalcy in the near future.devil

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Dear e-filer,

I can understand the problem as I am myself handling over 700 TANs and you can imagine the kind of problem I am facing because there are unique kind of issue in each TAN the list is so long it will not fit in inbox but now we have to go with the TRACES.

Keep putting forward your problems to TRACES.It may take some time but it will be resolved.

agreeed that the pace of evolving is rather slow at TRACES but Be optimistic and calm.

e.tds return filer

Be optimistic and calm..........!!!!!!enlightenedenlightened


Chartered Accountant

But what to do now? bcz recently i m revising the return of PAN error nd they did not consider the PAN Update in RPU nd they send the notice again with same error....what to do now??

e.tds return filer

NOT consider the PAN update in RPU....(your ? is not clear to me.)  However, It has become clear that we have to wait for few years to see a correctly functioning site.(to err is human but to err is not computer-site)

As the notices are being sent by ZOOrisdictional officer , start a new box file 'TDS Notices".  On every pointyou observe immediately you give a letter to the zoorisdictional officer.  So in future if they realise your silence has given them unlimited  powers to harass the record can be shown.  Otherwise you i.e self-head breaker will become a careless citizen of India. 



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