TWP 1 : Introduction and Ind AS 101 - First-time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards

The Weekend Professor (Teaching Enthusiast) (33 Points)

10 December 2021  

Greetings from The Weekend Professor! I hope you all have a good weekend. 

To quickly introduce myself, I passed CA Final exams (in my third attempt) back in 2011 with a strong interest in teaching. While I did not take on teaching full time, 10 years since my qualification, I am looking to give back to the student community through this forum by answering queries on several academic topics.

I will be coming back time and again with topics of academic interest and currently I am working on a series of updates for Ind AS. This weekend, I would be happy to take any questions from the student community at large on Ind AS 101 - First-time adoption of Indian Accounting Standards.

If students at large, have any topics in mind on Ind AS, happy to have you share those and I shall come back with a thread on the same.

Enjoy your studies.

Regards, The Weekend Professor.