Trust Accounts

Elton Sukumar M (Certified Accounting Technician)   (734 Points)

10 July 2010  

A tust is formed in 1997.

A snapshot of the trust is:-

Year of Formation:- 1997

PAN No:- Available

Sec 12A registration:- Not available. Apllied in the year 200 but did not follow up

FCRA Registration:- Not available.

Type of Income:- Foreign Contribution from individuals

Bank account:- SB account closed three months (Bank closed the account) back for non receipt of FC registration number.

Books of Accounts:- Not available of any of the years.


1) Should the trust be closed formally and open a new trust.

2) Should the exisiting trust be ignored and open a new trust

3) Should we continue with the existing trust.