Trademark queries

MumbaiProperties (Realtor) (38 Points)

01 April 2012  

I have lodged one of our brand name for trademark registration and as on date the status on the Govt Trademark Site shows 

Status Marked for Exam



I had made this application on 16th March 2011. Have few queries on this :
1. How much time does it take for a trademark to be registered ?

2. When we make application for trademark and get an application number, are we allowed to use TM in front of our brand ? If not, when can we start using the TM ? I understand that I can use the (R) only when the brand is registered. Is this right ?

3. One of my other trademark application shows the following status :


Status Send To Vienna Codification



What does the above status mean ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance folks

Warm Regards
Ramprasad Padhi