Tips to overcome continuous failure in ca exam


20 July 2012  


Dear CCI Friends,


Now CA Final result is just announced. Some of our friends were cleared out the exam and some where failed.


Reasons behind continuous failure


Your continuous failures may be the reasons of following


a)  Method of studies

b) Method of exam presentation



You have to revise your method of studies and also check your method of presentation at exam.


Presentation to the exam plays major roles. How you prepared well, but failed to present effectively at examination, then your studies of half year or full year will be no use.


a) Continuous failures may dilute self confidence.


Regain your confidence level first. “Where there is will there is a way”. If you determined firmly to clear out, then, no doubts, success will be with you. Never waste time further to start preparation.


Nothing is impossible start it now.




b)  Failure is a right step to start wise again.


Analyze where u deficit and make an action plan for improving your weakness.


Identify the mistakes you have committed during your previous examination and make a firm decision for not committing same kind of mistake again.  


c) Time table formation


First find out how much hours in a day can be devoted for study process. After that frame a good time table. Time table will surely help you to utilize your time in an effective manner.


Find more time for preparation process for final exam.


Allocate more time for weaker subject.


d) Maintain a scheduler or note book


Daily study task can be noted down in a note book. Any deviations should be viewed seriously and action can be taken immediately.


e) Use Maximum use of sense of organ for study process.


Initially read silently the concept. Second read the concepts so that you can hear. Then make key notes of what u learned. Then close your book and try to recollect what you have learned. If you stuck, then you can refer this summary notes for your help.



f)  Preparation of notes


i)            Note making is an art. It is a process of documenting the concepts you already learned. Notes should be written precisely.


ii)          You can give a heading and sub heading and margin number.


iii)        This kind of exercise will later help you to present the concepts  in exam in a better manner.



iv)        By the help of notes you can understand the concepts in a very clear and effective manner. Notes will make your revision process speedier.


v)          Your notes will replace bigger books at later point of time. During the day of exam, this will immense of helpful to you.


g) Improving reading speed

If you can able to finish your subject in a faster manner, then your confidence level will be improved. However, there may be risk of forgotten speedily.




Do revisions at periodic intervals to make your concepts firm. If you are not revising periodically, then, your effort will be waste. More you revise, then more you can firm concepts. Give more importance for revision process. Neglect in revisions may harm you during the examination days.


i)   Good presentations at exam.


1) Write in a legible way

2) Don’t try to write in a junk way

3) Never write irrelevant points

4) Write precisely

5) Give suitable margin number

6) Give suitable heading and sub heading.


Wish you all the best


CA Vivek M


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