Tips on how to study for exams

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10 July 2010  

1. Know the schedule of your exams. It helps to know the schedule of your exams in your studying regimen. Your can budget your time by knowing the subject and the schedule. Your could study the hard subjects first then move on to the easier ones.

2. It's all about time management. As I said earlier, you have to budget your time. It is important to manage your time in order to get the maximum absorption of knowledge. You can study more when you are aware of the time that you have for studying.

3. Study first the last subject, then move on to the first. This is something that I do when I study. I study my last exam first them my first exam last. I am more of a short term memory guy when I study. I most often remember the last thing I study as opposed to the first that I study. As such, I could build up my stock knowledge and just review the other subjects that I've gone through.

4. Drink coffee. This I do when I need to cram study or when the exam is just a few hours near. It has been proven that drinking coffee improves short term memory. As such, you can remember the last thing you study more clearlyP

5. Schedule Breaks. Studying straight for hours is well and good. But it can get boring. As such, it is good to have breaks in between study times. You could maybe stretch your legs or arms, drink, eat, or maybe close your eyes and rest your mind for a while.

6. Make Mnemonics. It is easier to remember things you've studied when you make Mnemonics. Assigning a certain letter, number, a phrase, a song, or maybe a picture when you study would help you remember certain words or phrases for identification, definition, or enumeration type tests. In my experience, Mnemonics which are suggestive of green/adult ideas work perfectly.

7. Make studying fun. You have to integrate the things you love with what your studying. It will be easier to remember what you study if you can find a common ground between your interests and with what your studying.

8. Read more than once. I've been taught that you should read the text more than once in order to get the maximum understanding when studying. There are stages to reading. The first time you read, you question everything. The second time, you answer your questions. And the third time, you try to summarize every paragraph. Well, this is pointed towards people who have low reading comprehension, in that they cannot grasp the concept in just one reading or studying session. Of course, you shouldn't do this when pressed for study time.

9. If you can, read upside down. Reading upside down brings the blood to your head, thus makes your brain more active. As such, study comprehension is heightened. Although, I haven't tried this one. This, I believe is dangerous.

10. Eat chocolates. In the old times, warriors were made to eat chocolates before battle. There's been talks that eating chocolates actually help stimulate your senses, as such, it could help when you study. I'm not exactly sure, but I think that it has the same effect as drinking coffee or Cola.

11. Do not eat while studying. Eating while studying keeps your stomach active and thus divides the activity between your stomach and your brain. As such, there is reduced brain capacity.

12. Join study groups. It helps to have discussions with your friends and classmates. Of course, you should have read the assignment. You could ask about the topics that you can't understand. And the exchange of ideas would actually help you get a better grasp of the concepts. There may even be topics that you missed out on and then brought to your attention at the discussions.

13. Try to have a clean studying place. Nothing beats conditioning. If your study space is a mess, then it could affect your morale and end up giving up. A good, wide, and clean study space allows your to have good breathing and a healthy outlook. This may improve your attitude on studying.

14. Pray. I believe that all things can be done through God. Your should never forget praying. It really helps.