amulya (always ready to learn) (79 Points)

16 January 2011  

Good morning to all my freinds and all other people who use this

site frequently here's a fantastic poem for you all

time being the valuable thing in our life

is either utilised  in facing a strife,

or is wasted by you intentionally in boasting about urslf that is polishing ur knife

but have u ever thought what is right utilisation of time,

because without knowing its true use we r commiting a crime

we always make up our mind for achieving a goal,

but we dont know how to make the time diamond out of the coal

and often in our life after commiting the crime,

of wasting our time

we ponder over our mistakes ,

sometimes even we push on the brakes

so as to stop wherever we r not move ahead,

and we never think of people who r expecting many things from us and will become sad


so i would like to ask u all who view my profile to give me appt answer .