Things to do before you Die

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geetha (CWA Inter student ) (162 Points)
Replied 25 December 2010

Its really nice. Your article made me to write my wishes list which was hidden in my heart. Thanx for sharing.

geetha (CWA Inter student ) (162 Points)
Replied 25 December 2010

'a person should write what he really wishes. But before writing he should be clear about the best things he wants in his life ' Thanx for such nice words SKR sir.

Pooja Gupta (CA Final) (216 Points)
Replied 25 December 2010

Well it is a wonderful sharing... something too hatke apart from CA life.

N its genuine one too..

Pulkit my most of d wishes, i can say 85% r same as urs... :)

Its true we all remain so busy wd our CA studies n articleship that we forget ourselves at one side. :(

V all have other hobbies, wishes too bt myt be v r neglecting.

Just, all think it once for those things which we want from our life.

N balance them with other.. n enjoy d life to the fullest.

"All the very Best" to all for fulfulling der wishes. :)

Unnikuttan K R (Final Student) (170 Points)
Replied 25 December 2010


Ajay Mishra (Company Secretary) (74327 Points)
Replied 25 December 2010

Great .......

This article is not for any exam but a inspiration for enjoying life in a better way.......



Thanks for sharing......

chetan (business) (45 Points)
Replied 26 December 2010

karm karo,forum par likhkar duniya bhar ko batane sey kucch nhi hoga dude!!


ankita (student) (54 Points)
Replied 26 December 2010

very nice article..... :)

shijin (articled assistant ca final )   (72 Points)
Replied 26 December 2010

Originally posted by : chetan

karm karo,forum par likhkar duniya bhar ko batane sey kucch nhi hoga dude!!



not to be rude ,,, but

working 24*7 alone doesn't bring everything in life.... sharing our thoughts will make our mind calm ... and helps others too.......

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CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (   (16631 Points)
Replied 26 December 2010

Thx a lot Shijin . Nw I don't need to reply to that post nymore...!!

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Nabeel (CA) (3288 Points)
Replied 27 December 2010

Hey Pulkit...... really its nice!!!!!!!!!!!

Nabeel (CA) (3288 Points)
Replied 27 December 2010

it is very useful..... worth reading......


ur wish list or to do list is quite similar to mine.....with a few changes ...additions and deletions ofcourse.



my to do list



1)become a CA- for two parents wud be very happy ..and second reason is i know i can do no reason not to do it.





2)learn swimming- bcos i just want to do it....its a very useful thing....i went into the sea in puri(orissa) with floating tubes...i didnt know swimming...but i dared to go was a wonderful experience...when u hav to stop ur breath when the waves come splashing over u...




3)learn to play a guitar-i will do it soon,reason is that its a good way to entertain ,specially someone u love...its of good advantage if u also know to sing.



4)learn to drive- my interest lies in learning to drive a bike...but being a girl...and bcos of accident prone roades in delhi my dad doesnt allows it... cos its not safe.i learnd driving a car in 2009...but ab bhool gayi hu...kyuki after that i havnt touched the steering .




5)go on a trip to ladakh-its a wish for long...i want to make a of the reasons i want to learn driving,is because i want to drive and reach there by road.. ,make my own documentary of my trip...cycling allready ata hai, i even know to do roller skates.




6)go on a safari-actually expidition ,im a nature lover,was a member of sanctuary save the tiger campaign



7)teaching-i want to try my hand on teaching,i will certainly do it...someday, maybe i will take up teaching for children with special needs,slum children,orphanage....really dont know....but its been going on my mind for quite sometime




8)join the ICAI board of studies-i think the books r not up to the mark....i did self study for CPT...I did self study for PCC...I hav cleared first group by self study ...but the books really need a lot many changes ibelieve so



9)find my soulmate and marry-i believe in love ..but it can be love or arrange marriage..if its an arrange marriage,i will make it a love marriage..but ya i will marry the person i love(ha ha ha)....i truly want to be with a person...with whom i can share my dreams with...




10)lie down..on the grass and see the blue sky...and the clouds  flying by.....i many times dream about it.....a place on earth where there is a thick cover of beautiful green grass....where i can just sit and relax with the person i love...and forget about everything else....for that day....watching the clouds the blue beautiful....



11)get a warm hug and a memorable kiss by the person i love(my better half)......its a dream- i think if u r with the person u love ,everyplace bcomes paris..the most romantic place on earth.




12)having a house with a big that sunlight can enter my room early in the morning...and wake me up...with its warmth and the beautiful golden rays along with early morning fresh  beautiful




13)see snowfall and see the desert-i havnt seen it yet...i hav seen hailstorm only



14)paint the wall of my room myself- i like giving personal touch to my place...i will try spray a good artist...quite good at drawing,colouring...grafitti.



15)learn a western dance, and a classical dance-i like salsa..i think will be able to carry it off too....and i love odissi dance...i love everything about it specially its costume



16)meet my teachers-i have been to my school..three times after passing out...but now the teachers who taught me have left the school...but i will search them...Before passing out ,i took autograph of all my teachers...i still have it with me...they were wonderful teachers i had ...i miss them.




there r manymore things that i think r too personal to share it over here.......




dreams i have allready fulfilled...seen the sunrise at puri, seen sunset at goa....,learnt to do knitting,learnt to cook,learnt pot making in a workshop...but i will try it again,learnt to do skates, tried dancing on christmas,took part in relay race in school and won silver medal(ha ha ha),seen a haunted nanital -bhoot bangla...,met my schoolfriends...except a few of them...but i will certainly meet them delhi...u know u get to meet somene from ur school,someday or the other...specially bcos of the metro connectivity.




i liked the fact u mentioned about adopting a girl child Pulkit....actually i was happy to see that there r guys who think like this.....even i want to adopt a girl child...but the only problem is that....if i marry someone someday..i will have to tell him before that i will adopt a girl child....




I know im a bit wierd....but im just getting to know life ....At 21 years thats wat i want to do before i die....but there r many more things that may get added with time......



even im a college drop out by choice....Delhi university....Bcom(H) ,i just went to college for 15 days and then left it...cos i didnt like anyhing about it......'







Surabhi Rajora (none) (72 Points)
Replied 27 December 2010

originaly posted by priyam:    ' even im a college drop out by choice....Delhi university....Bcom(h) ,i just went to college for 15 days and then left it...cos i didnt like anyhing about it......'

thumbs up..

Lakshmi (Student) (1836 Points)
Replied 27 December 2010

Originally posted by : Sneha.... sunshine

this i would call a CUTE article....hehhee

Madhura (CS Trainee) (461 Points)
Replied 27 December 2010

Too Cute...!!

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