The great thing a little lamp can do...:-)

RaGHuRaM (The Easy are never Good and the Good are never Easy....)   (4952 Points)

01 June 2012  

The great thing a little Lamp can do which the big SUN cannot do is,it gives light when it is Night..No one is superior by size, But by Purpose..



If You can’t Fly !
If You can’t Run !
If You Can’t Walk !
But Keep Moving Towards Your Goal!


Everyday is special if you THINK so.
Every moment is memorable if you FEEL so.
Everyone is unique if you SEE so.
Life is Beautiful if you LIVE so.



You have only two options in life.
So try to accept what you can’t change,
And try to change what you can’t accept.


Two Thoughts that decide your Attitude…
“What you Think of YOURSELF
When You Have NOTHING.”

“What You Think of OTHERS
When You Have EVERYTHING….”


Thanks and Best Regards