TDS Not deposited by ex-employer who is now closed operations

Sudhindra Joshi (1 Points)

05 December 2022  


I have been served with outstanding tax notice under section 1431a since 2010. According to that for AY 2008, there is a TDS difference of 52000 rupees (+ int up to date). However, as per records I have of that year, my employer has deducted complete TDS as per the payments received. There seems to be chance that employer has NOT deposited the TDS to the IncomeTax Department. Hence this difference is found. I tried reaching out to the employer , but they are now closed. In 2019 I have responded to the notice, that with Disagree option in efiling portal, but have not received any response. But the demand notice is received again. In this case, please suggest the options I can execute.