Tds from it dept for interest paid

When i filed my ITR2 Form for FY 2018 - 2019, I got some interest from the IT Depart along with the refund amount. I was paid around Rs. 868 and interest and Rs 270 was deducted from the same. So when i am filing the ITR2 for this year, in the Schedule OS sec b "Interest, Gross" and item iii - "Interest from Income tax refund". I have entered the amount there but in the TDS what should be the TAX for the 270 that was deducted?  

KVO Merau Kutchh

Check your intimation received u/s. 143(1).

There you will find refund payable (excess after deduction of tax liability).

In the next row, you will see interest payable over the refund amount, take this figure in the recent ITR... as 'interest from income tax refund'

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Thanks for your valuable time and reply Mr. Dhirajlal. As is said i am declaring the Rs 270 on Schedule TDS but my question in what is the TAN number that i have to put in the TDS for that?

Also i know the Interest from the NRO account has to be reported as income but should i also add the interest amount from NRE account also on schedule OS? Assume I got Rs 10,000 as interest from NRE account and Rs. 5,000 as interest from NRO, so on scheudle OS should i declare Rs 5000 or Rs 15000? Please see the attached or more details

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any inputs from others?


The attachment is getting extracted, any other way to clarify your query?

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IT Dept deducted Rs 270 for the interest of Rs 868 they paid me along with the refund last year. Now how should i show the Rs 270 on schedule TDS?


Department is not deducting TDS over the refund, it is paying refund along with interest over it.

What amount you have mentioned as deducted, would be tax liability of last year. Check your notice u/s. 143(1) for better clearance.

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Created the doc of the same attachments.

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As per the attachment. Your income tax refund is Rs, 868/- and ye, TDS deducted out of it is Rs. 270/-.

For TAN no. of deductor, you will have to get it from TDS certificate issued by ITD, or form 26AS available on TRACES.

TAN of ITD of each state is different. e.g. that for Gujarat state it is AHMI00800C.

So, you can contact helpline for TAN no.; specific to you.

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Thanks Romit for your help and update



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