Tds errors (t-fv-3000 & t-fv-2097)

Pankaj Kumar Lohar (Accountant) (21 Points)

29 March 2018  

Respected Sir/Madam, 

I have prepared TDS Return using RPU Utility ver. 2.2 for Form 26Q of the FY 2017-18 Q-3 and

during Validating "TDS Input File" & "Challan Input File" through FVU 5.7 below error shows 

1) T-FV-3000 Invalid Challan details Record Length i.e., number of fields in the file is not same as applicable in the file format. For allowed number of fields, kindly refer the latest applicable file format available at TIN website.

2) T-FV-2097 Count of Challan/Transfer voucher Records in Batch Header does not match with actual no. of Challan/Transfer Voucher No.


Kindly reply us if somone know the solution for the same..