Tds charge on bank deposit & claim for ay 14-15

maharaj (accountant) (165 Points)

07 August 2014  
Dear All
I have one client who has deposited the money in same bank with two TERM deposited amount one for 12 months and other for 24 months.
For the F.Y. 2013-14 Bank deducted as TDS charge on fixed deposit amount @ 20% basis instead of 10%.
He has PAN number any how may be PAN number to given to the bank a/c or other mistake at the time of form fillup.
Now he wants to claim TDS amount through E-filing. I have checked the 26A and there have no TDS transaction showing. Just bank give him a Interest rate summary for 2103-14 with details of TDS deducted.
INT. SHOWING FOR F.Y.13-14 Rs. 12000 & TDS deducted @ 20%. Now how he can claim this TDS charge from Income tax. He as no taxable income.
Thanks. Please share your advice.