tax (HRA)

kapil abhishek (student) (293 Points)

23 May 2010  

R is employed with x ltd on salary of Rs. 5000 p.m.,HE is alsoentitled DA. @ 100% of basic salary,50% iof which is includedin salary for as per terms of employment. the company gives him HRA of rs 3000 per month which was increased to rs 3500 per month w.e.f 1/1/2009.he also got increment of rs500 per month in his basic salary w.e.f 1/2/2009. rent paid by him during the previous year 2008-09 is as under:

April and may , 2008 _______nil, satyed with parents

June to octuber,2008___________rs 3000 per month ( house in ghaziabad)

November to march_____rs 4000 per month (house in delhi)

compute his gross salary for A.Y.2009-10


plaese solve it