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Tax credit mismatch even though tds entries in return matching with form26as

Navin (Tax payer) (46 Points)

24 August 2018  

After my upload of ITR2 for AY2018-19 when i check "TDS credit mismatch" on efiling website it shows me multiple entries of mismatch. When i rechecked the TDS claimed in my returns with Form26AS everything appears to be correct. Not sure than why i am still getting this mismatch.

Even the self assessment tax that i submitted in last week of July'2018 which is appearing in form26AS but showing as mismatch in "Tax credit Mismatch" on efiling website. How to get this correction done as otherwise it will create ITR processing issues.

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Varma(❤️Jesus❤️) (CA ) (609 Points)
Replied 24 August 2018

once you check all details
for self assessment tax-- BSR code, challan date, challan number etc.
for TDS check TAN number and other particulars.. even one digit is different it will be shown as mismatch.. once you check all

If all the details you have entered are correct then submit grievance regarding this issue..

CA Bhavik Soni (867 Points)
Replied 24 August 2018

agreed with mr verma. else you deny for rectification

Navin (Tax payer) (46 Points)
Replied 27 August 2018

Thanks Mr Varma, can i file for grievenace while ITR is under processing. When i called efiling helpdesk they asked me to wait till processing gets completed. But on other side if i wait to file greivance till processing gets over then it might result in generating demand or asking for explanation under eproceedings. Thanks to pls suggest and also confirm which option to chosse under grievance for this sort fo rectification. 

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SHIRISH S S (Proprietor) (890 Points)
Replied 27 August 2018

Dont worry this happens because  26AS IS UPDATED but income tax dept data may not be updated. I got demand of  32k instead of refund  of 58k for AY 2017-18 even though two of  my TDS were there on 26AS and interest of 4k u/s 234 was applied. I rectified and 234 interest was removed and full  58k refund with addition 5k  interst u/s 244 I was sanctioned. Wait for 143(1) 

Navin (Tax payer) (46 Points)
Replied 27 August 2018

Thanks shirish, But i was wondering what do i need to file under rectification after 143(1) as this doesnt require any sort of rectificaiton or changes under my returns. It is tax credit which is not given to me while its entries still appearing in 26AS

SHIRISH S S (Proprietor) (890 Points)
Replied 27 August 2018

It will take some time for  assesment. Wait for 143(1) . 95 % it will be taken.

If  in 143(1)  it is not taken then file recttification u/s 154 with option 1  assesse is rectifying TDS .  Refill the entire TDS schedule and submit

Ghanshyam Dholakia (6 Points)
Replied 27 January 2019

I have recd ITR Processed 143(1) with demand of Rs 3190. This happened because of Tax Credit Mismatch. I checked ITR and observed no ERRORS in TAN, etc. I have form 16A and also correctly shown in 26 AS. As per note in Demand order, if there is no change in ITR and also 26AS is correctly showing the TDS amount claimed, one needs to submit Rectification request and select no change in Return. I cannot submit form 26AS or Form 16A as proof of claim, What action may I take?

sieaus (BBB) (112 Points)
Replied 18 February 2019

what did u do? same case here.

Ghanshyam Dholakia (6 Points)
Replied 18 February 2019

I have filed Rectification and no change in return filed no docs uploaded. Waiting for coc to respond.

sieaus (BBB) (112 Points)
Replied 19 February 2019

did u get ur return reprocessed? is it wise to submit grievance also besides filing rectification request with no change in date so that i can write something there in the box and upload form 26as.

Ghanshyam Dholakia (6 Points)
Replied 19 February 2019

I am waiting for rectification to be processed. I have additionally uploaded 26AS while disagreeing with demand through login to portal and checking pending action.

sieaus (BBB) (112 Points)
Replied 20 February 2019

some people are submitting grievance also (resolution from - cpc/itr, for category - rectification, sub-category - tds appearing in 26as but tax credit mismatch, uploding 26as as other docs, putting details of the case in remarks box) besides filing rectification request for tax credit mismatch and some are also responding to outstanding tax demad by denying it and probably uploading the 26as there aslo.

can someone please tell what is the most appropriate method - (1) filing rectification for tax credit mismatch only or (2) (1) + responding outstaning demand by denying with 26 as upload or (3) (1) + (2) + submitting grievance (resolution from - cpc/itr, for category - rectification, sub-category - tds appearing in 26as but tax credit mismatch, uploding 26as as other docs, putting details of the case in remarks box).

Which combination of (1), (2) & (3) is appropriate? 

Devanathan M (Retired) (34 Points)
Replied 10 March 2019

There is some good news. Even though all tax credits claimed were available in 26AS and My Account>Tax Credit Mismatch showed "Tax Credit Claimed is fully matched with Tax Credit available". I received an intimation u/s141A with a tax demand of Rs.320 citing Tax credit mismatch on 26 Jan 2019. Same day I efiled  Rectification Request type "Only reprocess the return" and response to Tax Demand " do not agree". On 26 Feb I receives an intimation Rectification order u/s 154 and tax demand as before citing Tax credit Mismatch. This time I wanted to respond with the same Rectification request type and "Do not agree" to the demand enclosing 26AS and form 16A for all quarters.I saw the demand was still there this 10th morning but when I logged in to efile my response this evening, the demand has mysteriously vanished and there is no pending action. So I think CPC has finally updated their 26AS data. I shall wait for some more days for official confirmation of no demand by email from CPC and in case no such communication received efile another rectification request to get a confirmation from CPC of no demand.

Shailesh Das (na) (39 Points)
Replied 05 June 2019

I have a similar case, I filed the return of AY 2018-19 in time last year, but received the 143(1)  this year April with a tax demand of 3200 Rs. It clearly looks like one installment of TDS not been taken into calculation. Few months ago, like in Nov or December 2018 it was showing 'Tax credit mismatch' in tax credit mismatch checking option. But this April it was showing 'fully matched with 26AS' 

So reading the experience of others in this thread I filed 'Rectification with option 'Only reprocess the Return'  on 29/04/2019 as there was no Mismatch showing anymore.

Today I received SMS that Rectification return has been processes and CPC Order u/s 154 sent by email. I opened it and to my surprise there is a even huge demand of 1 lac rs now!! I clearly see they are charging heavy interest in 234B and 234 C and the TDS column is totally 0 (in As computed u/s 154). 

When I checked the rectification status its still showing status as 'submitted' . Please advise what to do in this case

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