Tally erp9 shows blank entries in ledger

Rahim (Businessperson) (460 Points)

07 March 2013  

I am using Tally ERP 9 Rel 4.5.

I have a balance Rs 24400 Dr as on 31-01-13 as Fees A/c. I have entered the following entry:

Feb 12, 2013 :

Fees A/c Dr   Rs 2600

To TDS          260

To Bank A/c    2340.

However the above entry is not reflected in the ledger of Fees A/c and its total should be 24400+2600=Rs 27000, but it shows closing debit bal of Rs 24400 only and the entries in Feb is blank.

If i change the date of the entry to March, it accepts and shows the changes.

However if i change the date to say, 31 January it doesnt show change in the ledger total but when i enter the ledger in Feb it shows that [hat particular entry!


How to solve this? Is there a bug? Please help.