Superb notes for Co.Law,B.Law,Income Tax & Costind-FM

Bhavin Pathak (Self-employed) (4772 Points)

11 September 2010  

Notes for IPCC.....

Very useful for last time revisions... just go through once for enhanced conceptuality

Super summary notes for

1. Costing FM Theory- 49 pages

2. Company Law - 82 pages

3. Business Law

    EPF & Misc. Provisions Act- 14 pages

    Nagotiable instrument Act- 23 pages

    Indian Contract Act- 46 pages (also covers whole CPT+IPCC course)

    The Payment of bonus Act- 8 Pages

4. Income tax

    Income Tax Super Summary- 22 pages (very useful for Practical Questions)

    Taxation theory portion- 25 pages (very useful for Theory including Service Tax and VAT)

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(this notes are prepared by me [Bhavin Pathak]  for easy preparation of IPCC students)