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31 August 2010  

From disability to ability

Here are two women who have proved that physical disability is no obstacle if one has the ugre to overcome their handicap for achieving golry. Anjali Aurora and Neha Bansali are the two women who have made themselves role models with their self-confidence and determination and set an example to thousands of women. Both these women had spent their childhood singing, playing and dancing like any girl of their age. But their lives did not proceed evenly for them. Anjali grew blind. Neha Bansali who confirmed to the wheel chair when she hurt her spine. Yet they out-grew their disabilities. Anjali Aurora became the assistant manager in Air-force Authority. Neha Bansali is a successful Chartered Accountant. These two women who perform their duties with assistance from a companion stand as an ideal to the society. The Ability Foundation of Chennai presented them with National Awards. Their experiences in their words.

Neha Bansali:



I was born in Delhi and grew up there. I belong to a middle class family. I have a gounger brother and a younger sister. When I was playing with my friends my spine received a minor injury. But because of infection the entire spine got affected. As a result I could not sit up and got confined to the wheel chair. Except my right hand I could not move any part of my body. I had to depend on others to attend to the daily ablutions. I wanted to commit suicide. The support given by my father and mother, my sister and brother kept me up, I took the +2 exam. I scored 92% in the exams. This achievement gave me confidence and encouragement. I took the chartered accountant’s final exam and stood tenth in the national ranking. This success made me live and I grew up from then on.

I, who was confined always to the wheel chair with ability to move only one hand, developed a great urge to achieve something notable. I could secure a job as a chartered accountant in a firm and became the chief accountant. I co-ordinated the duties of 300 exployees and solved the problems of our clients all over the country. Though disabled and faced many problems, I could overcome problems with self-confidence. I want to convey to other physically challenged persons that though it is inevitable to seek help form others, if only we can mould our lives as a model to be followed by others. It gives us great strength. If any one of you need any help in the chartered accountancy course you can visit me in neha.bansal 29 @ rediffmail. Com.