Success in CA exams are doing just few things right

CA Rakesh T (Chartered Accountant) (590 Points)

12 February 2024  

Passing the exams successfully is doing just a few things right. Here is it:

1. Studying with proper technique: All students who pass know to use the right study techniques. Just re-reading and making notes aren't enough or even correct.

2. Writing answers: An examiner has to judge whether you know the answer. Haven't you felt you couldn't secure the highest marks even if you knew the answer?

3. Solving problems: Attempting questions and doing it enough is vital.

4. Managing mindset and emotions: Your biggest obstacle is your ability to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself against the odds requires deliberate effort. ( My friends and family itself were not ready to belive in my ability ... take that!!)

Happy Studying.