Strange facts..



One who has got 41 is happy for not failing, one who scored 98 is upset for missing 2 marks..., so where does the happiness lies??


Bhagawadgita cautions us not to get diverted from obligations and leave the result to god.., we do exact opposite,  our mind always run behind the result, and duties kept untouched or we leave it to God..


we struggle, we sweat, we fight, to achieve a dream..

when we did it.., we open our eyes just to realise... that dream was not worth to make it  real..


Though we wish to stay away from everyone,  if they need us, we  can't stop  ourselves to reach them, ..  we are in need of their smiles, can't help it...


one who has everything is often worried, and the one who has nothing is freed from worries.., 


A Mother  give out everything for her child..happily,  and the son is still not satisfied even after receiving everything from her..., so who is the blessed one?? who is the happiest one.. of course its the giver always on beneficiary side..


Many wish for 5 days work a week, lengthy list of holidays, unlimited credit of leave...but often get irritated when milkman, housemaid, paper boy,  misses a single day of work..., They too need some break..right!!


We all love to smile.., but most of the times, we give importance to silly things that make us cry..., which one we love.. to smile or to cry??


Man has amazing intelligence, invented a lot, discovered a lot, created a lot..., explored a lot.. one thing he never learnt... to make proper use of everything he has...either he misused it..or overused it.., or spoiled it...


We need to learn to make right use of anything we have.., spend time for good deeds.., spend the natural resources carefully, and spend earnings for right things and needed ones...

Here is a little boy Karthik (from chennai) just crossed his teenage, going through his testing time.. diagnosed with a brain tumor.. which needed lacs of rupees for treatment.

All his loved ones trying their best efforts  from every possible way.., thru newspapers, Tv channels, many popular social clubs.., but not getting enough help..  

Really its strange.. Many spend money like water for awards, celebrations, festivals, sports, parties.., but do you say it as right usage of earnings?? Dont we have that soft heart to spend a little to save someone's life??.. 

kindly click on this link.. and help him as much as you can, or as much as you want...Please Act in Time..

Save Karthik