Special keyboard shortcuts

Saurabh Maheshwari (B.com,ACA) (5918 Points)

27 April 2013  


Sno. Shortcut Use
1 Shift+Ctrl+T For reopening last close tab in browser, helpful if a tab is closed by mistake.
2 CTRL+1 For  switching first tab on brower
3 CTRL+9 For  switching last  tab on brower
4 CTRL+Page Up For switching to just last tab
5 CTRL+Page Down For switching to just next tab
6 Alt + any link For downloading that link content
7 CTRL + L For selecting address bar
8 CTRL + Down Arrow To mute audio while playing video
9 CTRL + Up Arrow To unmute audio while playing video
10 Alt + Tab  To switch b/w two or more programmes