Some tips for November exam


01 September 2011  


Dear Friends and Students,


There are only 60 days left for your CA exam ( both IPCC and final exam). Whether you had studied well or not well before, if you are not doing a good acceleration during these 60 days will cause a poor result.


Your goal should be Utilize these limited days :-

a)   productively

b)  effectively and

c)   Finally Good presentation


1.   Think positively and Frame a mission statement….


Nothing is Impossible, but the way from impossible to possible is quite difficult and requires a constant hard practice on these limited days before exam….



2. Understand:-

a) What is your strength?

b)  What your weakness

c) What are the problems presently faced

d) Action plans to resolve those problems


3.  Frame a time table

For effective and productive utilization of Limited days before, there require a good time table. Find maximum possible time for preparation, Revisions, making notes.


Right execution of daily time


a)   Never do a compromise for learning concepts behind subjects whether it is costing or taxation or any other subjects

b)   Your success and failure is inturn depends upon performance of 3 hours in the exam. For performing better in exam, preparation should be effective and able to produce the concepts in your words during the exam hours.

c)   Write what you feel important in a note book for future reference and making Future revisions more effective and productive…


4. Getting individual pass mark is not tough but getting through group is really challenging. 2 strategies can be adopted.


1) Scoring 50 marks consistently on all the subjects

2) Scoring 60 for any particular paper in each group


Apart from above, special care should be given for clearing failure papers in your previous exam.



Try to give more emphasize on conceptual learning since exam pattern is really test your conceptual clarity.


Never resorts to any shortcut or Selective learning since exam patterns cannot be predictable.



8. Keep away from following distractions

a) Social networking sites

b) Chatting with friends

c) Cell phones

d) Mail checking (Checking forwards from friends)

e) Other entertainment

f) Negative people and thoughts


Because time is a resource once lost, then never recoup it.







Wish you all the best


Vivek M

castudenthelpdesk @