Some queries relating to cenvat credit

Saurabh Maheshwari (,ACA) (5923 Points)

24 July 2012  

Q-1 When there is a provision of reversal of Cenvat credit on removal of capital goods , then why 100% credit is allowed if capital goods are removed in the year of purchase ? I mean that , jab credit reverse hi karni h toh phir full credit kyon?

Q-2 Under rule 5 of CCR  words- Export under Bond or letter of undertaking has been used what does that imply?

Q-3 If CCR on inputs directly sent to job worker for producing intermediate goods is allowed under Rule 4(5)(b), but what

about inputs directly sent to Job worker for production of Final products ?

Q-4 Word Captive Consumption(used in Rule 8 of CE valuation) vs  Home Consump(used in Rule 5,CCR),

Is there any difference b/w these two words?

Q-5 Wheather Cenvat cr of ST pid under reverse charge  is allowed under Rule 4(7) when payment is made in two or more parts?


Please clarify my doubts ...Your response will be really appreciated

Thanks in Advance