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14 June 2012  

Hello, friends!!!!

I thought of writing this article which may help you to give your best shot in the exams.

How to prepare your study plan????

                First of all, everyone will have their own peak hours i.e. some enjoy reading in the nights and some in the early mornings. So identify your peak hours. Then, start reading the subjects you feel difficult during your peak hours and easier subjects during remaining time. It will certainly help you because your mind will be very active during your peak hours so its receiving power will be increased.

The way to develop self- confidence is to do the thing

 you fear and get a record of successful experience

  behind you.

                    - William Jennings Bryan

         Now plan your timings accordingly, so that each subject is covered everyday and each topic studied during the week should be reviewed at the weekend. After such review prepare a summary of topics reviewed. This summary will help you for a quick revision at last. Allow some time for other activities.

Spectacular achievements are always preceded by the unspectacular preparation     

                      - Roger Staubach                                       

Things to do during your study plan:  

  • Keep your mind fresh and relaxed
  • Always be Concentrated  and Confident
  • Don’t plan large study sessions. Take a break for 5 to 10 minutes(not more than that) between each session to keep your mind and body fresh for the following sessions
  • Manage time efficiently during each session

 I recommend to you to take care of

 Minutes: for hours will take of themselves

              - Lord Chesterfield

  • Assign short term goals for study sessions  (e.g. I should complete this topic during this session)
  • Try to complete every assigned task within the time specified
  • Don’t let any negative thoughts to creep in, as these thoughts will dissolve your Confidence and Concentration
  • Practical papers should be practiced every day
  • Always be prepared to work hard

  Diligence is the mother of good luck 

  • And finally take care of your health.

Some other tips:

  • Always study institute materials(Study material, Practice manual, RTPs etc )
  • Don’t prefer too many reference books. You may prefer only one reference book.

As different authors will follow different methods and assumptions to solve a problem you will confused by these books and thus it affects your study.

  Instead of digging wider dig deep

That is instead of going through many books go through one book completely

  • Always be updated to the latest developments
  • Take practice tests at relevant periods
  • Don’t study for examination. Try to understand the topic as this will help you in remembering the topic for long time.
  • Some topics don’t demand understanding (like Law provisions). You should read them as many times as you can to remember them.


They can because they think they can.



Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

                                  Robert Collier


Success doesn't mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle.

                                  Edwin C. Bliss


Winners make it happen

Losers let it happen


A duty which becomes a desire will ultimately become a delight.

                                  George Gritter


         Hope these tips help you for your best presentation in the exams

                                                ALL THE BEST

        A smile happens in a flaash, but its memory can last a lifetime

                                            So, always be smilingsmiley



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