Solve this CA CPT Question

Sumit (student) (47 Points)

14 June 2011  

Somebody please solve this CA CPT Model Test Paper 1 Question.


Mohan started business with Rs. 10,000 cash and Rs. 2,000 furniture. Sales amounted to Rs. 50,000 including Rs. 5,000 cash sales. Rs.10,000 sales were outstanding at the end of the year. Purchase amounted to Rs. 30,000 including Rs. 10,000 cash purchases. Rs. 15,000 has been paid to creditors. Expenses paid during the year Rs. 19,300. Trial Balance total will be-

(a) Rs. 67,000

(b) Rs. 70,000

(c) Rs. 75,000

(d) Rs. 80,000


Please tell me the Trial Balance total through both Debit and Credit sides..