Simple tips for clear cs executive programe

Sumit Middha (Head (Fin.& A/c) M.COM M.A.(Eco) MBA CS Final)   (2453 Points)

22 October 2012  


Clearing Your CS EXECUTIVE Exams – Tips,
Strategies & Guidelines
The CS Executive Course consists of the following subjects and modules:
1. General and Commercial Laws
2. Company Accounts, Cost and Management Accounting
3. Tax Laws
4. Company Law
5. Economic, Labour & Industrial Laws
6. Securities Laws and Compliance Management
Pattern of the Question Papers:
Generally, in exams, the pattern of the question papers in all the above
mentioned subjects is as follows:
1. 8 questions will be asked out of which any 6 are to be answered. In each
paper, the 1st question will be compulsory which will consist of 4-5 parts.
2. There will be 15 to 20 marks of Objective Questions (True/False,
Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks etc.) in each paper. Method of
Firstly, every student should decide well in advance whether he/she should
opt for private coaching or do self study. Generally, for practical subjects,
students opt for coaching. However, it is not necessary to take tuitions for
passing CS exams. One can easily clear the CS exams with 2-3 months of
sheer hard work. Self Study is better if you think you are comfortable with
the theme of the subject. On the other hand, coaching should be undertaken
for typical subjects that scare the hell out of you.
Next, every student should focus on the study material provided by ICSI.
This is very important because the question papers are set from these
modules only. Following points may help you in module study: