Should we reflect removal of goods to exporter in er-1

achinta tiwari (Sr. Accountant) (32 Points)

21 April 2017  

Dear Sir / Madam

We are manufacturer of Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen & Argon). We are salling Argon to a party at Kolkata and goods removed from factory through excise invoice with duty to his address at Kolkata but party exported goods to Bangladesh in his ARE-1 and using our stamps in manufacturer column and Authorised signatory but signing his his on behalf of us. Now they claim rebate of duty and our range office asking about we are not reflecting this removal in ER-1 as export under rebate. We are submiting our statement as we are removing goods to a domestic clearance and duty paid on same. Now CE Range super telling he will issue SCN for not showing export in ER-1. Now the query is-

1) Should we reflect such clearance in ER-1 as export under rebate

2) Range super asking for a letter regarding using of excise invoices from 001 to ........ for FY 2016-17 separtely showing domestic invoice and excise invoice serials (we have no export except that particulare party and we have no separete export invoice till date)

3) Should we stay in our statement as we are salling to that party as domestic clearance.

Matter is urgent, kindly advise me as soon as possible. 


A K Tiwari