Should i continue in big4?

Raghav Behani (Chartered Accountant) (944 Points)

12 June 2013  

Hello everyone, Last year in august I cleared both groups of IPCC in one attempt and by God's grace I got into one of the big4. Initially I wasn't getting into it and remember being dejected. I was joining a small size firm and got a call on the morning of joining that I have been selected for the big4. I happily joined in September. 10 months into it, I have seen all kinds of things you get in big4 life. Big industries and plants, working 18 hours a day, working weekends, healthy stipend and all. It has been a very good learning and growing period for me. I got an exposure of multiple industries, audit areas to work on and different teams to work with. But I feel that as a CA student I have zero knowledge about taxation. I don't remember anything of tax I learnt during Ipcc. I am in doubt if I should continue here or join a mid size for more exposure to tax. Frankly, the work here is hectic, but not much of learning. I am checking invoices and signatures to a large extent. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and plan to pursue my dream after completing CA. I know audit is not my cup of tea. I feel that in a big4 I am getting restricted in thoughts and knowledge. My primary aim is to be a CA with good knowledge of all areas a CA works in and not just to specialise in one. My parents are leaving it on me to decide. For me stipend is not an issue and I really won't give an ear to what people will say about my choice. So I would like to asked those experienced if I should continue in this big4 or shift to a mid-size. I have time till september to decide. I know many people (including me) crave for a big4 articleship. I am myself in a confused state. So could you please give your view with REASONS. Thanks.