short term and long term in schedule III

hello everyone,
can you let me know, where can I get guidance on short term and long bifurcation of assets and liabilities in schedu
le III.
Early response you will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

refer Guidance note on schedule III😘

An asset shall be classified as ‘current’ when it satisfies any of the following criteria:

(a) it is expected to be realized in, or is intended for sale or consumption in the company’s normal operating cycle;
(b) it is held primarily for the purpose of being traded;
(c) it is expected to be realized within twelve months after the reporting date; or
(d) it is Cash or cash equivalent unless it is restricted from being exchanged or used to settle a liability for at least twelve months after the reporting date.

All other assets shall be classified as ‘non-current’.
Based on the above definition, on the face of the Balance Sheet, the following items shall be disclosed under non-current assets: -
(a) Fixed Assets
(i) Tangible assets;
(ii) Intangible assets;
(iii) Capital work-in-progress;
(iv) Intangible assets under development
(b) Non-current investments
(c) Deferred tax assets (net)
(d) Long-term loans and advances
(e) Other non-current assets



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