service tax on air ticket as sub agent

Shweta (Accountant ) (29 Points)

23 May 2009  

Dear all

we are booking tickets for our clients we buy them from various agents or internet (airline websites) generally the agents from whom we buy tickets charge us service tax @ 1.30  on base fare without airline taxes

for example if ticket base fare is 10000/-

service tax charged by agency is 130/-

We end up paying Rs 10130/-

we sell these tickets to our clients say for 11000/- . so how much service tax should be charged and with what narration or are we admissible for Cenvat credit 

we bought ticket for 10103 and sold it for 11000/ + ( 113/- service tax) = 11113/- in short we end up paying double service tax.

As i understand we take abetment i.e charge service tax @ 1.03 only so can we take cenvat credit or not