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I file personal IT return through CA. Here are some things that worry me:

- my IT portal password is with CA. everyone in the CA office knows my password and they have kept it to something simple so that everyone in their office can remember.

- i have to send all my financial statements (bank statements, employer given forms, investment details, bank account details, etc) to them via email. They have one common email which all their staff uses.

- many of their old employees leave and new ones keep coming.

I am worried somehow all my financial details might get leaked. I am an internet geek and I feel worried that my CA does not use the same precautions I would like to use.

Am I worrying too much? Is this the case with all CAs?

KVO Merau Kutchh


Generally it is changed immediately after filing return.

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Dear Dhirajlal Sir,

1 So you are suggesting to change password after filing each year and give new password every new year to CA?

2 What about sending financial documents by email? Is there no better way? because my CA has one gmail account which all his employees use which I find not so safe.

3 worst case do you think if some wrong party gets my IT details (everything) how can it be misused?

Thank you sir...



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