Section 234e of income tax act

Amit Kumar Verma (CA Final CS Professional)   (501 Points)

28 December 2012  

Hi friends!!!!

The finance act, 2012 added a new section 234E which specifies for fee of Rs. 200 per day for delay in furnishing of quarterly tds statements and is applicable from 1st July, 2012. Further it has been mentioned that it will not be possible to upload the return without payment of fee u/s 234E.

Now my question is whether this section will be applicable for first quarter of FY 2012-13. As per my reading it is applicable for the first quarter also. But one of my friend has uploaded Form 24Q of first quarter of FY 2012-13 on 20th September, 2012 without payment of any late fee u/s 234E. If it is applicable for first quarter also, then how is it possible?