Schedule VI Reports in minutes

Hemant Hegde (B.Com) (118 Points)

25 October 2009  

I have created an excel file with the following features.

Who wants it?!!

Imports data from - Tally with a single click
Automatically classifies the data from tally to reduce manual work and interference

Classification of items and disclosure standards are in accordance with Schedule VI of the Companies Act 1956

Saves the data imported in a separate format (*.svi) to enhance functionality and performance like

  ◘ Very quick saving of data
  ◘ Importing of previous years numbers and item classification form old files
  ◘ Data integrity - does not allow haphazard editing of data (but is user-friendly)
  ◘ Facilitate file management by keeping track of information like the name of the person preparing the statements, Date of finalisation, Time of last change made to the file etc.
Auto adjustment for print
Readily convertible to normal macro free excel workbook
Personalised messages directly sent to your excel sheet!*
Automatic alerts when a new version of software is available*
This software will soon be available to prepare reports as per IFRS requirements also and will be upgraded free of cost **
Further possibilities:

Being updated to remember user preferences 
I think the next versions of it will watch how you are preparing the reports and help you when you are working with it next time even when it could be the data of a different company.
It is possible to prepare e-filing reports in XML format for Income Tax, Sales tax etc. as most of the volume of data is available in Tally.
Some of the VB code could be run directly from my web site when you are connected to the internet. This will help to install small updates and do some specific action without requiring you to download the new version of the software.
* needs internet connection