Save Short Term Capital gain Tax

Ratan Deep Saxena (Asstt Manager (Accounts & Finance))   (2998 Points)

21 April 2010  

Tax on Short term capital Gain(STCG) on share transaction, on which securities transaction tax (STT) has been paid, is applicable at flat  15 % rate.This has been done under section 111A for Indian resident.In case of individualtax rate from 160000-500000 is Just 10 % whereas under section 111A person has to pay tax on STCG @ flat 15 % .In this post we are discussing method to reduce thetax rate back to 10% .so this article is beneficial for individual /HUF, who has income between 160000-500000 in Fy 2010-11 and most of it or some part fromShort Term capital gain from shares /securities covered under section 111A.